What we do

We fight for and bring Financial Freedom!

Business Diagnosis Institute is a part of a worldwide body that specializes in time and money solutions designed for top executives. The group is employing Management techniques that have been based on more than 30 years of research conducted in tens of thousands of companies

We are experts in development of Strategic Plans for Business Owners and Top Executives.

We have over 17 years of personal experience in Computer, Automation, Security, Health, Civil Engineering, Insurance, Mechanical Engineering, Dental Care, Veterinary, Wood, Photographic, Printing, Fashion, Agriculture, Food, Tourism, Accounting and Electronic Industries. .

Execution of our Plans is resulting in 50% to 500% revenue increase

We specialize in Marketing and Advertisement, increased Sales, increased Efficiency, handling overworked executives, efficient organization, increased Production, correct Recruitment, and correct Management of staff.

We deliver Seminars, One on one consulting, training, and diagnosing and planning that solve virtually any problem a business can have.