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1. I can make it all on my own in the business world

2. I continuously study and make sure my employees do the same

3. I use intelligently every resource I have in my business

4. Our pay system is based on the amount of contribution to company's success

5. I continuously find out what my clients need and want

6. I sell almost all I am able to produce or purchase

7. When I have a quality problem I always find and correct the reason

8. My income is greater than my expenses including loans and savings

9. When I hear something bad about someone I always check the facts before I react

10. We have high morale

11. I prefer not to hire new staff

12. We improve on a continuous basis

13. There is some loafing here

14. Everyone here knows what he is supposed to do and the purpose of it

15. I know how to create demand to my products and services

16. The income from our sales are covering all costs

17. I know how to plan a task and ensure that it is completed on time

18. I will not have the money to hire new staff if needed

19. It happens that people speak in generalities here

20. All my staff have the feeling of mutual purpose (if no staff consider self only)

21. I have less staff than before (check YES if no staff)

22. My staff and I know exactly what to do

23. I work harder than my staff (check YES) if no staff

24. I usually pay most attention to the end product

25. A good product sells itself and does not need to be marketed

26. To close a deal, I often have to promise things that are hard to deliver

27. We always deliver the quality and quantity that was promised

28. I take into account all possible expenses and mistakes when pricing my products and services

29. Bad news and gossip travel fast here

30. I feel happy most of the time

31. Every time I need new staff it is a nightmare

32. I have a written job description for each and every post

33. I delegate tasks and ensure they are completed on time by others

34. I sometimes find myself with no purpose

35. I can easily raise the value of my products in the eyes of my customers

36. I have good sales personnel

37. I always seek to deliver the highest quality possible

38. I always plan to get more money back than was invested

39. Sometimes I feel that things are worse than they really are

40. Most of the people at my company, including myself, are satisfied

41. Sometimes I do not fire unproductive personnel for fear of not being able to find replacement

42. Some of my staff need to be corrected all the time

43. All my staff know the value of what they do to the company

44. There is a spirit of action here

45. We are in constant communication with everybody who bought something from us

46. My salesmen (and I) know how to create desire before they move for the close

47. A person will not make money unless he has products or services that somebody else will need

48. Each staff (including myself) is producing more for the company than what is spent on his salary and benefits

49. I have people around who resist improvement

50. I want to be someplace else

51. I am not biased when looking for new staff

52. I allow a short internship for new staff

53. If something is bugged or not getting done I immediately find the reason

54. I do not manage based on rumors or opinions, only on results

55. We have distinct methods of marketing to new clients and they are different from the methods of marketing to existing clientele

56. I am a good salesperson

57. Our clients send their friends

58. I check the economical effectiveness of each action before I allocate funds to it

59. My health is not as good as I want

60. There is a mutual feeling of trust here

61. I know how to find and recruit new staff when I need them

62. I have an apprenticeship program for most of my new employees

63. If I used my staff better I would work less myself (check YES in no staff)

64. When I need something done I write a program and execute it

65. The majority of our potential clients do not know we exist

66. Over 50% of our sales encounters end up as a closed deal

67. We have excellent reputation

68. I should make more money

69. I make too many mistakes

70. There is a perfect correlation among me, my staff (if any) and the company purposes

71. I need at least one more executive or employee here

72. To prevent foul-ups I have to check every move my staff make

73. My time is gold and I use it effectively

74. My staff only come to work to be paid (if no staff answer regarding self)

75. Our advertisements create ample response

76. We find ourselves reducing prices to be able to sell

77. Our service should be improved

78. I do not really understand finances

79. It happens that I accuse someone by mistake

80. The achievement of my business goals will bring me towards the achievement of my personal goals

81. It is hard for me to convince good people to work for me

82. My employees have created irrevocable damages

83. Some of my staff do not justify the salary I pay them

84. I love to create

85. Sometimes I need to embellish the facts in our advertisements

86. We make too many price compromises

87. The product/service that we deliver is improving peoples' lives

88. I always do what my accountant says

89. There is a true spirit of mutual help here

90. There are existing and agreed upon rules in my company

91. I am too involved in day to day work, and it is hard to find time to plan for the future

92. Too often I find myself solving my juniors' problems

93. I have many good ideas that are not implemented

94. Usually things are done here on time

95. We wait passively for clients to show up

96. We have difficulties in collection

97. I always try to surprise my client by delivering more than was promised

98. Our profit is very good

99. My staff do not complain about injustices

100. My business really helps my staff and myself to achieve our dreams in life